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3 Pillars of Retirement Savings

Survival 401K believes in using ancient and true assets based on historical concepts utilized by leaders such as Abraham and King Solomon while also encouraging our customers to focus on their treasure in Heaven.


Wealth Preservation

Return of Investment, is a key tenet of retirement funds. Survival 401k doesnt accept the premise that it is alright to lose principal under the auspices that it “will come back” eventually.



With the potential for increased inflation due to never ending Federal debt, safe and predictable growth is another tenet of Survival 401K. Laying awake at night wondering if your nest egg is safe is not sound advice.


Access and

Having the ability to access your funds in an crisis or to shift course quickly in a changing market is key to any retirement plan design. Our plan provides for maximum flexibility too ensure you can move quickly if needed.

Hard Asset Opportunities

Survival 401K  focuses on asset classes outside of Wall Street that provide predictable results and above average returns. We help you structure your portfolio to maximize returns and mitigate risk.

Precious Metals

Precious metals such as Gold and Silver have historically reestablished themselves as true forms of money during financial dislocations and resets and are therefore a key pillar in wealth preservation strategies.


Cryptocurrencies, because of their distributed architecture, are protected from being centralized and controlled. Although very volatile in nature, BitCoin and Ethereum appear to be a growing asset class.

Private Loans

Your 401k can make private loans to individuals as well as small businesses. Many investors use tax liens as a way to loan money to help people to help avoid tax foreclosure and then have 1st lien position on the property.

Rental Properties

Rental properties offer quality returns while providing a durable asset that can also serve as dwelling place for your family in the event of a financial dislocation or reset. Many client experience 14% returns.


Land used for food production has gained popularity among billionaires and hedge funds. Henry Kissinger stated that if you control the oil you control countries but if you control food you control the people. Food is the language of the world.

Small Business Financing

Fewer and fewer banks are serving the retail needs of consumers and small businesses alike. This results in a dynamic and expanding marketplace for small to medium sized business financing which is a fantastic ROI opportunity for your 401k.

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