Break Out My 401k

Setting Your Money Free

Why Accept No
When Yes is Available

Most employer plans require you to be 59.5 Years old to access your retirement funds while having  limited investment choices for your money. Survival 401K can free your money so you can invest it like you want regardless of your age.

Using The ERISA code Designed For the Elite

Available only to the financial elite in the past, our Break Out 401k allows you to access your money using an In Service Alternate Rollover allowed within the  ERISA law that sets your money free via your Plan Administrator and the Court System.

Time is Money

If you are over 59.5 years old or have a legacy 401k / 403b / 457a or any IRA other than Roth, Survival 401k can easily rollover your funds into our solo 401k product with most customers having their accounts set and funded within 10 business days.

If you are under 59.5 years old our Break Out 401k can be opened and funded in 4 months on average and you can pick your own attorney or use one of ours to speed through the process.

Invest How You Want

Once your account has been freed from the clutches of Wall Street, you can invest in almost anything you choose as long as it has a fair market value.

Your investments cannot include collectibles such as antiques, rare wines, rare coins or anything that generally will be sold at auctions.

Many folks do the best when they invest in areas they are already familiar with and have a strong knowledge in it

How Old Are You?

Over 59.5

Whether you are currently employed or retired your money is available to move into your own control through our Solo 401k!

Direct Rollover / Transfer

Either through an in service withdrawal or direct transfer your money is easily moved into your control.

Under 59.5

If you are currently employed your 401k funds are locked up and you must either leave or be terminated to access the funds accept for loans.

Break Out My 401k

Through the use of court proceeding Survival 401K can break out your 401k regardless of your age or employment status. Specific code in the ERISA Law allows us to set your money free!

What’s Included

Survival 401K focuses on a holistic end to end approach to help our clients understand the impact of leaving Wall Street for Alternative Investments.

Our seasoned staff will walk you through every step including creating the new solo 401k, setting up bank accounts, working with custodians and ultimately deciding on a course of action.

Freedom From Financial Captivity

  • Solo 401k

    Our Solo 401k provides maximum freedom in investing. You can choose hard assets such as precious metals, farmland and rental properties.

  • Checking Account

    Your investment funds will be in a simple business checking account allowing you to simply write a check or use your debit card to invest.

  • Unlimited Support

    Your Solo 401k comes with unlimited phone and concierge support to guide down the path to freedom.

  • Investment Freedom

    Your investment options just grew exponentially because you are no longer tied to a plain vanilla list of tired old mutual funds.

Details Of Our Solo 401k

Our Solo 401(k) plan is approved by the IRS and is perfect for self employed individuals who do not have any employees, other than spouse. The Solo 401k plan was authorized by Congress in 2001 with the signing of the Economic Growth and Tax Reconciliation Relief Act (EGTRRA). Although the tax code has been around since 2002, only 2% of Americans are aware of its existence. Survival 401k, LLC is here to change that statistic.


- 401k Adoption Agreement

- Solo 401k Trust Agreement and Basic Plan Document

- Solo 401k Plan Documents (Electronic Version/Hard Copy Version)

- IRS Opinion/Determination Letter

- Beneficiary Designation

- Trustee Appointments

- Successor Trustee Designation

- Entity Type Adoption

- Solo 401k Participant Loan Forms and Procedures

- Transfer/Rollover Forms

- Consultation on opening Bank Account

- Consultation on Rollover/Transfer Process

- Unlimited Phone and Support

Survival 401k charges a one-time set up fee of $1,200.00 for up to two participants.

We accept checks or major credit cards. Paying from your business allows you to write it off as a business expense. Some individuals may qualify for a $500 Tax Credit.

Annual Maintenance Fee $200.00

All customized Solo 401k plans that are specifically reviewed and approved by the IRS are proprietary. This includes licensing requirements and remaining in compliance. As changes are made to the code each year, as contribution limits change, and as IRS and DOL letter rulings and advisory opinion letters refine retirement law you will need to make sure your Solo 401k plan stays in compliance. Survival 401k is here to help you. Whenever there is a change or the plan requires an amendment we will do the work for you and send you the necessary forms.

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