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Our world is rapidly devolving while truth is shouted down, marginalized and censored. Wall Street reaches new heights with abandon and the masses are lulled asleep by those who thwart the truth. In a world that is unrecognizable, how do you preserve your wealth, grow it and use it wisely?

Survival 401k’s team of professionals will review your individual situation, listen to your story and then determine the best approach and plan for you. We listen to your dreams and goals and will not try to over engineer a solution. Simple is always better in our minds.

What We Do

To describe the Exodus Financial Strategy, we must start in the Book of Exodus within the Old Testament of the Bible. In that book, a group of people were enslaved in a tyrannical system that exploited them for their labors and economic productivity. In short, the people of Israel were not viewed as people but rather as property to be utilized until all productivity had been extinguished from them.

Modern Captivity

Many of our neighbors do not understand the situation they live in. They don’t know that things could and should be different. Many families aren’t able to save $1000 for emergencies.

Today, we are seeing the middle class of America be decapitalized and further enslaved with student debt, high taxes and the American Dream is slipping away.

Escaping Captivity

Here at Survival 401k we understand everyone’s story is different and we treat you like an individual. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we want to help you take a deep breath and reflect on what is important, what are your priorities, where you are going financially not only today but in the years to come.

How We Help

First, we want to help you see the true picture. Much of this work is done by discussing survival topics such as community, protection, provisions and capital. We know we need to think and act differently than we have in the past.

Our clients know it too. Our consultative process helps people think through the issues as they pertain to them. We help people make wise decisions as they attempt to free themselves from the enslavement they find themselves in.

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From your initial inquiry to investment questions 3 years later, Survival 401k never forgets you. We will always be by your side, making sure you are compliant, have solid ideas and know where you are going. Failure is not an option.

Wealth preservation is one of the key attributes of our Solo 401k. It is not how much you make, it is how much you keep!

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